IHSW Oct 2017 & Huh Wha????!!!!

Huh wha???????? How can it already be October????? I mean, don't get me wrong, I haven't been kidnapped and left 'Naked and Afraid.' (This is a shout out to Eve, who told me in an email a few days ago that she was stitching Tinctorium and watching that show and I'm like "I don't even want to know! LOL!!!") or rolled over by a shopping cart and then hit by car and ended up in 'The Good Place' only to discover that I'm actually not supposed to be there!!! (I watched a couple of episodes of this while trying to stitch and gave up on both accounts.)

I've discovered that during the time of my absences, aliens have descend and kidnapped my custom HTML codes from the 1900s!!!! So, a new more modern look it is. Please excuse the blurry pic, I'll have to fix that later.

What I've been is stunned at how quickly time has flown by this year. I haven't done any out of the ordinary... work to home and home to work. I'm sitting here wrecking my brains trying to think of what had taken up all that time and I'm at a loss. Don't tell me it's a sign of old age and getting forgetful! LOL!!

I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I've stitched this year. Progress on anything is pathetic to say the lease. My heart just haven't been in it. Darn thing is? I can't even blame it on Diablo 3 since I haven't played that in months either.

The greatest thing that happened in June is that hubby got a job after being laid off for 1+ years. Thank God for the best birthday present EVER!!! He's been applying for countless jobs, went for a few interviews that didn't pan out and one day, he saw a job listing for Production Manager at Lufthansa Tecknik. He applied thinking that it was too far out of his reach but nothing is impossible with God. Long story short, two interviews and what seemed like an endless seven days of waiting later, he was offered the job as their first-choice candidate. The job requires, get this, travels to Hamburg once a quarter, but because they're working on this big project when he joined the company, he's been there twice in the last three months. Needless to say, life has been hectic lately.

EeKoon asked me yesterday if IHSW is still alive cos she say some posts on FB about stitchers Hermitting this weekend. I told her that I know Jo and a few others are still hermitting. They had offered to help me shoulder the burden of IHSW last year but I thought that I'd be able to go at it alone. Apparently NOT! When will I ever learn that I can't do everything myself. I was on my way home from work and when I got in the door, EK called me on WhatsApp (what I treat it was to speak with her!!! We text often, but damn it was great to hear her voice), and we hammered out some logistics to see about reviving IHSW.

I know a lot of the blogging base has moved on to social network platforms. I'm also aware that there are stitchers who are wary of FB and would prefer to not be part of that network. I did a poll awhile back about where to run IHSW but the preferences were almost 50/50 and I'd just left things be.

So, The Superstar Serial Starters and Divine Disciplined Divas Club on FB has generously offered to host IHSW over the next three months.

On blogosphere, I'll do my part and put up a blog link list the week AFTER IHSW. This way, you'll be able to link to your IHSW update blogpost directly.

Let's see how we fare. In the meantime, please feel free to voice your ideas and suggestions. I'll also willingly accept any or all silk-whipping for abandoning my post for so long.

OH!!! In a crazed moment a few months ago, I walked into my closet and decided it might be a good idea to stitch another pixie for her sisters. "Surely it's not going to take any time at all." *snort* Bluebell is most thankful for a possible resurrection. LOL!!

I must go about my day now. I promise to get some stitching in this weekend. xoxoxoxox


Yay, Joysze is here again!

It's great that EeKoon and the SSSDDD are on board with breathing life back into IHSW again. I'd be happy to co-admin a new group on FB, maybe see how it goes on the SSSDDD group for the rest of 2017 and start fresh in 2018?

The Wipocalypse works well on a dual platform of blogs and FB and I like the idea of giving people the choice.
Mouse said…
kerrrrr plunk ..... helloooooo waving small paw madly at you ... sooo happy to see you post ... I have been keeping the hermitting on over on Friendly Stitchers ... well any excuse to sit and stitch is good for me :)
I love Blogging for the memories you keep on it and FB for the quickness of messages back to you ...easier to chat as well ... so I personally do both ... well I do like a good waffle heheheh ... love mouse xxxxxx
ricketyjo said…
I know how you feel... I feel like I've been asleep for the last 3 years, although I know that is definitely not true.
I think those crazed moments happen after a period of inactivity...good luck with Bluebell, I look forward to seeing more updates. Have a lovely weekend.
Tiffstitch said…
so glad to hear from you and congrats to hubby on the job, what a relief that must be! I'm on FB, but still prefer the blogging world for stitching in general so glad to hear IHSW is being resurrected. :)
The Maiden said…
So excited you are back!!! I took a 3 year break from stitching (unwillingly) after a bad car accident and after LOTS of physical therapy have finally returned and even started my first Chatelaine (Provence)! Looking forward to Hermitting with everyone again, I am glad you will still be posting on your blog.
Hey Joysze! Join the club - I’ve barely picked up a needle all year which I still can’t believe. No idea why the mojo vanished, just busy with life, the universe and everything lol! Great news about hubby’s job, what a relief that must be for you both. Lovely to read a blogpost from you, here’s to us both getting our mojo back!
You've really been AWOL for a bit, good to read from you again! I'm sure your stitchy bug will come back eventually, and I'm glad IHSW will live on as well! With the cooler months coming up, I am very likelvy to hermit a weekend or two soon.

Congrats to your husband for getting that job! I've been to Hamburg a few times and have friends there, so if maybe you accompany him one of these days and you need some pointers on what to do there, maybe I can help.
Katie said…
Wow. So glad to see you post again. I was wondering if you were okay. So glad to hear you are. Congrats to your hubby on his new job. For some reason I just can't get involved in the stitching groups on Facebook so I'm glad to hear you are keeping it in the blog world too. I've been extremely busy this year too but look forward to having time now to stitch again.
Daffycat said…
Yay! I’m so glad to see you!

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