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IHSW Jan 2018 A Bluebell Finish

Having done an abysmal job keeping IHSW going on blogland in 2017, I'm hoping I'll do better in 2018; although seeing as how I totally missed blogging about January's upcoming IHSW, it's not looking good. LOL!! The previous Sign Up widget we were using doesn't work with Blogger anymore so I'm stealing Jo's idea and using Mister Linky's widget. So first things first, I hope you Hermitted this January weekend. If so, hook us up with your eye candy! :D As of last year, you can also find IHSW on Facebook at: I really haven't been stitching much over the last few months. Mojo was MIA due to... well,  no reason at all. I wasn't gaming, I wasn't reading... it was just generally meh. I do think it's due a big part to us getting up much earlier cos of hubby's job and by 10pm we're usually half dead. So I'm going to have to figure it out. Maybe stitching in the morning before g