2017 Stitching Finishes and Yexian Update

What happened in 2017? I know I blogged some, can't remember what about other than sporadic IHSWs and almost no stitching. No gaming either, so can't even use that as the culprit. Hardly did any reading, so it wasn't that. Hrmmm... LOL!

I was planning on 2018 being a better stitching, blogging, etc year, but look at me!! It's February and I'm finally doing my (technically) first official post. Better late than never? Hahah!!

Ok, let's see... the first nine months of 2017 was peppered with negligable Yexian stitches. It was such miserable progress that when I tried to locate a 2017 update pic, I was astounded to discover that there was none. Zip, zero, nada!!!! :S

During the last quarter of 2017, I pep talked myself into stitching the Lufthansa logo for hubby. He hardly asks for any projects to be stitched, but since he mentioned that a few times, I thought "why not? Maybe it'll get me back into the swing of things." So, I charted that, tent stitched in Lufthansa yellow on 32ct linen and did the finishing by stretching it over painter's canvas and added ribbon, similar to the dark blue of their company, to highlight the border. Turned out pretty well, I think.

I followed this with stitching the 'ello worm from Labyrinth who is one of hubby's favorite Jim Henson critters. I found a picture of him done in perler beads and used that as a starting point and then also used a movie photo of the worm to fashion his hair tuffs. Finishing was easily done with stretching him into an embroidery hoop.

Then, for the fun of it, I stitched a storm trooper as a birthday gift for a friend; again using the embroidering hoop finishing technique.

Finally, I beaded a dragonfly chart I had laying around for a dear friend who visited in December. I am exceptionally pleased with how this turned out and yup(!!!) you guessed it, did the embroidery hoop finishing on it as well.

Aaaaaand.... that brings us to 2018. Thanks to the resurrection of IHSW on FB, I got Bluebell done. Boy oh boy, was she tedious. I don't particularly know why: it could've been the fabric (32ct opalescent lugana is H.E.L.L!!!); could've been wanting to stitch on Yexian but needing to first finish Bluebell (yes, need cos it'd have driven me batty to leave that half-assed). Regardless, Yexian finally saw the light of day and I've been working on her for about two weeks, not that you could tell...


Rachel said…
You have some great finishes there! I love the 'ello worm from Labyrinth!! He's so cute!!
Katie said…
Hey about time you update haha. Love all your finishes. That beaded finish is too die for. So is the worm from Labyrinth. Love it!! Hope to see you more often in the blog world.
Keebles said…
You have been missed my friend and it's great to see you have been stitching!
Mini said…
Even though you didn't blog in 2017, you had some lovely finished. I like the personalised gifts you made for your husband. The beaded dragonfly is amazing.
Marilyn said…
Cute finishes.
Yexian is looking great, that's a lot of progress for such an intense piece!
Whelp, losing a year does not sound like fun! But at least you got some fun finishes out of it in the end, even if they were smalls. You have way more done on Yexian than I remembered...so maybe some stitching did happen in 2017!
Rita JG said…
I like all your finishes! No worry about the lack of blogging, you have those finishes!
Faith... said…
Welcome back to blogland! You have some great finishes there and your husband must be very happy since he got to have two of them! I can see a difference in Yexian/ Hope your mojo is back once and fall all so you can stitch some more on it.
Love the little worm! His hair is adorable.

The Stormtrooper is great too.

I think I can see where you worked on Yexian - the top to the right?
diamondc said…
What a sweet gift for your husband, all your stitching is lovely,
I totally love the beaded stitch, so pretty.
So good to see another post from you.

Kaisievic said…
So lovely to see you back - lovely stitches and I really like the hoop finish. Yexian is amazing!
Such lovely finishes and I love your update in Yexian, such an amazing design! Don't worry about being a messy blogger lately, 2018 is still young and there is lot's of time left for stitching, conquering the world and posting regular updates ;-)
Shebafudge said…
Great to see you xx

'Ello worm is absolutely adorable!!! I love him :)
Bethan said…
Great finishes - and I agree with all the love for 'Ello Worm. He is excellent x
I love Labyrinth. I probably watch that movie at least once every 2 months. So it goes without saying that "ello worm is my fav of this post. I love your added Joyszeness to it. Though stormtrooper is a serious contender as well. Love my Star Wars! Bluebell looks great and I really like the finishing in the embroidery hoop. That is such a good idea. I think you got alot done on Yexian, coming along nicely stunner, well done!
xo Alicia

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