IHSW February 2018 Report

How was your February IHSW? I'm posting this a day later than anticipated, so I'm sure quite a few of you have your blog reports already up. Hook us up with your linkies below. :D

I'm happy to report that I actually got quite a bit more done on Saturday than anticipated. Our dinner guest wasn't coming till 7:30pm and hubby and I woke up bright and bushy-eyed at 7:30am which gave me plenty of time in between chores, cooking and groceries for some Yexian love. Sunday, after teaching, we decided to go sofa shopping so Yexian saw less love. I think I did either 3 or 4 colors of yellow/orange tones which happily yielded a couple of fish and quite a bit of confetti holes patched.

OH!!!!! I haven't mentioned anything about my brand new niece! Well, two months old now.... isn't she an angel?

And just for fun, this was Saturday's dinner: fish cakes, vegetable stir fry, and curry chicken...

... and tulips for me. How absolutely gorgeous are they??


Renee said…
Wonderful progress! Your niece is beautiful. Congratulations! And your tulips are lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful dinner Saturday night. :)
Terri said…
Congratulations! Your niece is gorgeous!
Julie said…
A beautiful little lady.
Great progress this IHSW
Katie said…
Beautiful progress. Adorable niece. Yummy food. Makes a great blog post.
Mini said…
Good progress on Yexian. Your niece is adorable. I was curious when you mentioned Indian food in your last post.The tulips are lovely
Great work on Yexian inbetween the socialising!
Your niece is gorgeous, love all that hair.
FlashinScissors said…
Congratulations, she sure is pretty!
Great progress on Yexian!
Dinner sounds great ..... you’re making me hungry! I’ll just have the veggie version though.
Faith... said…
What an adorable baby! When I see babies I just want to hold and snuggle them!

Yexian is really looking good! I can see the fishes in it. I did hermit but sadly I forgot to blog about it; so next month I will try and remember!
Yexian is swimming along! Man check out all the hair on your niece. She is so sweet. The stir fry vegies actually made my mouth water looking at your pic. Mmmmmm. Flowers are beautiful, white ones always look so uplifting.

xo Alicia
Susan said…
I agree - your niece is an angel. Great progress on Yexian. Anytime you get a hankering to cook, I have a wonderful, sunny kitchen :-)
diamondc said…
Your Niece is adorable, so cute.
Your progress is wonderful, this is such a beautiful design.

Tamra said…
Great progress on an amazing project. Great food and a beautiful new niece to snuggle. You had a great weekend.
Bethan said…
Congratulations on your beautiful niece! I have been very tardy with my IHSW post. You made great progress! x
Bonnie Brown said…
Your niece is absolutely beautiful!!!
Great work on Yexian, it looks stunning =) Your niece is such a pretty girl =)

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