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Yexian Update

This is both a good and bad day with Yexian's progress... The good : I'm at the happy juncture of 35ish% done and it's time to scroll up!!!! HUZZAH!!!! The bad : Scrolling up leaves me with a huge expanse of (mostly) empty material and damn if my mojo doesn't look at that and want to pull the blanket over its head and go into hiding. LOL! I'm hoping said mojo will cooperate and ride the high of finishing a section and overlook the empty spaces. HAHA! We shall see. The objective is still to try and get it done by year's end. Possible? I don't know. I've calculated that I need to do about 680 stitches a day to accomplish this and those 35-stitches days ain't helpin'... hahah!! ALTHOUGH... I have Friday off for Good Friday and the current plan is to stay in PJs and stitch for the bulk of the day. I *should* do ironing too though... it's up to almost 5 weeks worth of clothes now. *gasp*

Marching IHSW Report

How did your IHSWs pan out? As anticipated, I didn't get as much stitching time as I'd have liked since all of Saturday afternoon was allotted for a 'play-date' (as my friend told her kids). LOL We had a FAB time snacking, drinking beers, and chatting. She exited the guest bathroom declaring that she loves the MM06 in there and wondered if it'd be too hard for her to learn to do something like that. I was like... of course NOT!!! (She doesn't know how to stitch... YET, hahaha!) So we left it at tentatively planning a stitch session one of these Saturdays. Will see how that pans out. Will be fun!! To the subject matter at hand: lots of fiddly bits and confetti stitching on Yexian this weekend. I'm extremely pleased to see how it's shaping up and it's such a pleasure for me to fill in those little stray stitches to complete a section and see it come to life. I also removed the most bottom gridline. Small victories. HAHA!! Before After

March-ing to the IHSW Tune

I know, I know... tacky title. I'm sleep deprived. LOL. We went to watch Amadeus Live in Miami last night and didn't get home till after midnight and didn't get to bed till 1am. Going on 5 hours of sleep here. How do you parents do it??!!! I'm all bleary-eyed and it's a wonder I didn't make any mistakes stitching this morning. *gasp* or maybe I did and didn't even notice!!! *THUD!!!* Amadeus Live was great. It's nice to watch the movie and have the orchestra and choir providing live music. A different experience for sure. We had box seats and everything was great till about 30 minutes before the end when someone's damn phone rang.... TWICE!!!!! The second time around, the entire audience grunted in disbelief. The nerve!! It's IHSW this weekend and I'm going to try and get in as much stitching as possible. A friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon to hang out, so no stitching then, but apart from that and teaching, groceries, chore