March-ing to the IHSW Tune

I know, I know... tacky title. I'm sleep deprived. LOL. We went to watch Amadeus Live in Miami last night and didn't get home till after midnight and didn't get to bed till 1am. Going on 5 hours of sleep here. How do you parents do it??!!! I'm all bleary-eyed and it's a wonder I didn't make any mistakes stitching this morning. *gasp* or maybe I did and didn't even notice!!! *THUD!!!*

Amadeus Live was great. It's nice to watch the movie and have the orchestra and choir providing live music. A different experience for sure. We had box seats and everything was great till about 30 minutes before the end when someone's damn phone rang.... TWICE!!!!! The second time around, the entire audience grunted in disbelief. The nerve!!

It's IHSW this weekend and I'm going to try and get in as much stitching as possible. A friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon to hang out, so no stitching then, but apart from that and teaching, groceries, chores, and cooking, I'm going to try and keep the weekend as free as possible. This is the starting point. I'm really, REALLY hoping to be finish this section and scroll up but I have a feeling that might be biting off more than I can chew.

How about you? What plans for IHSW?


valerie said…
I'm just loving seeing this project come to life. The imagery and colors are stunning!
Becca said…
I'm picking up World Travel after a month of no stitching thanks to another surgery and subsequent ICU stay due to complications. Working on getting my stamina up. *waves*
Bethan said…
I love the piece you are working very detailed! Going to be working on my new Disney cross-stitch this weekend x
Faith... said…
I plan to do some stitching on a piece I haven't touched since 2016 called Full Bloom!

See ya soon with an update.
geeky Heather said…
Very cool to see a movie with live orchestra! We've seen a "silent" movie with the soundtrack provided by a theatre organ, and that was lots of fun.

If you don't set your phone to silent, the theatre should be able to set it to "explode"!! =D
diamondc said…
Oh my goodness this is coming along, you have such a beautiful design, I hope you are almost finished I am looking forward to seeing how you frame it.

Katie said…
People can be so rude. I'm glad you had a good time though. Your project is just beautiful. I was actually able to join in Sunday even though I didn't think I would be able to.
Julie said…
How exciting to see a movie with orchestra and choir, what a treat that must have been. I vote people be fined if they don't have the decency to switch off their phones at performances and cinema screenings etc ... what can be so important they need to keep them on>???
We spent IHSW visiting Felix' brother - and the weather was so cold we spent a lot of time in front of the TV, which meant plenty of stitching for me :)

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