Marching IHSW Report

How did your IHSWs pan out?

As anticipated, I didn't get as much stitching time as I'd have liked since all of Saturday afternoon was allotted for a 'play-date' (as my friend told her kids). LOL We had a FAB time snacking, drinking beers, and chatting. She exited the guest bathroom declaring that she loves the MM06 in there and wondered if it'd be too hard for her to learn to do something like that. I was like... of course NOT!!! (She doesn't know how to stitch... YET, hahaha!) So we left it at tentatively planning a stitch session one of these Saturdays. Will see how that pans out. Will be fun!!

To the subject matter at hand: lots of fiddly bits and confetti stitching on Yexian this weekend. I'm extremely pleased to see how it's shaping up and it's such a pleasure for me to fill in those little stray stitches to complete a section and see it come to life. I also removed the most bottom gridline. Small victories. HAHA!!



Looking forward to see your updates. Link up to your IHSW post here:


Katie said…
Just amazing progress on your piece. How fun to have a friend want to learn stitching. I hope she picks it up and you will have a future stitching buddy.
Kaisievic said…
Wow! This is so gorgeous, Joysze.
Renee said…
You made beautiful progress! It sounds like your play date was fun. :) Finding a cross-stitch buddy sounds fun, too!
Julie said…
You'll have to share with us what your friends stitches.
Suz said…
Wonderful progress!
Mini said…
Lovely progress. How exciting to be teaching cross stitch to a friend.
Marilyn said…
Yexian is looking great, you have gotten far on this.
It is going to be a masterpiece!
Your progress in Yexian looks great, it's such a stunning design and I think your progress is clearly visible =)
Great work this weekend. And your friend doing a Chatelaine for her first piece? Ambitious LOL
Faith... said…
Such a beautiful piece! I do hope you add another stitcher to the bunch; that way while the kids play you can stitch!!
diamondc said…
Joyce: I did not know you were only 1/3 of the way done, I am really looking forward to seeing the finished design.

Bethan said…
Really great progress - I still can't get over how detailed your piece is x
Congrats on finding a new stitching friend! I'd love to have someone for real life stitching sessions. Great progress on Yexian too, removing grid lines always feels so rewarding, doesn't it?
Merlynn said…
Are all kinds of stitching authorized for the IHSW or just cross stitch? Thanks ^^

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