Yexian Update

This is both a good and bad day with Yexian's progress...

The good: I'm at the happy juncture of 35ish% done and it's time to scroll up!!!! HUZZAH!!!!
The bad: Scrolling up leaves me with a huge expanse of (mostly) empty material and damn if my mojo doesn't look at that and want to pull the blanket over its head and go into hiding. LOL!

I'm hoping said mojo will cooperate and ride the high of finishing a section and overlook the empty spaces. HAHA! We shall see. The objective is still to try and get it done by year's end. Possible? I don't know. I've calculated that I need to do about 680 stitches a day to accomplish this and those 35-stitches days ain't helpin'... hahah!! ALTHOUGH... I have Friday off for Good Friday and the current plan is to stay in PJs and stitch for the bulk of the day. I *should* do ironing too though... it's up to almost 5 weeks worth of clothes now. *gasp*


Keebles said…
It still looks amazing and, between Good Friday and the myriad of other holidays and possible vacation days between now and the end of the year, I have complete faith that you can finish!
Bethan said…
Ignore the ironing! A day of stitching in pjs sounds like a fantastic plan! x
diamondc said…
This is a beautiful design, I bet you are excited you have as much done as you do, I am looking forward to seeing your progress.
Do just a little bit of ironing and then lots of stitching, it would work for me.

Mini said…
My mojo has been playing a peek a boo, so I know what you mean by mojo going AWOL looking at the blank space.

Try a mix of house work and stitching, may be it will work.
Faith... said…
It looks more amazing every time I see it! Instead of scrolling it up all the way you might want to move it just half way so the empty space won't be as great.

Enjoy your Friday off and just do one load of ironing and then spend the rest of the day stitching! That way you can tell yourself you did do some housework ;)
Katie said…
Beautiful work. You can do it! No's good's like a no work...right?
Susan said…
I so know that scrolling feeling - so depressing, but congratulations getting as far as you have. I think Good Friday is for contemplating things other than ironing...
Renee said…
This is sooooo pretty! Just imagine the beauty that is going to emerge on that blank white canvas. Congratulations on 35%!
*Eugh* Ironing! Stitching *YAY*

Tell that mojo to harden up and do it's job. You'll be fine once you get rocking on the next section. Looks beautiful.
xo Alicia
Julie said…
I hope you managed a PJ day and plenty of little stitches on Good Friday.
Happy Easter x
Wow, that finished section looks great! I know the empty canvas after scrolling must be daunting, but then you can stitch so much faster when you are not just filling in itty bitty bits!
It does look stunning as you fill in all the spaces! Gorgeous colours.
And if you don't leave the house you won't need any ironing and you'll get more stitching done. Win-win.
geeky Heather said…
That is looking amazing. LOL, ironing is the last thing I will choose to do...the only thing worse is cleaning the shower!!!
Congratulations on reaching the 35% mark =) Your work looks amazing =) Finishing Yexian by the end of the year is a tough goal, but I know you will do your best and always remember: Shoot for the moon, miss and you will still be among the stars ;-)
Kaisievic said…
Gorgeous stitching, Joysze.
Pauline said…
This is wunderful! I am working again on my HAED.
Megan Joelle said…
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