Don't Be A No-Comment Blogger


I try to reply to all your comments via email. It always makes my day to read what you have to say and I'm blessed to have gotten to know some of you really well. :D Sometimes, your contact emails aren't listed with blogger and as a result I get a "no-reply" address to blogger.

#1 - To see if your email is linked to your Blogger account, go to your Blogger Settings and click on the little downward triangle at the top right corner. It'll open up a box with options and if you see the orange Blogger symbol, you're all set and good to go! :D

If you don't see the above, then unfortunately you're a "no-comment blogger" and your screen will probably looks like this. I'm using hubby's account, so certain information has been deleted, but you get the idea.

#2 - Click on the gear wheel icon and you'll see something that looks like this:

Click on "REVERT TO BLOGGER PROFILE and on the next page, click on the ORANGE BUTTON that says "SWITCH TO A LIMITED BLOGGER PROFILE.

#3 - Set up your profile, make sure you enter your email address and then click "CONTINUE TO BLOGGER."

#4 - Now that you're back on your home screen, click the little downward triangle arrow again and this time, click on BLOGGER PROFILE. On the page that opens, click on EDIT PROFILE....

... and on the following page, under EDIT USER PROFILE, check the box next to "SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS."

Make sure you finish the process by clicking "SAVE PROFILE" on the bottom of the page and you should be all set! :D


diamondc said…
Joyce: I did not know this was available, thank-you for sharing, very easy to understand.


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